Saturday, November 21, 2009

Florida Travel Photography

We just completed a new website for Melanie Monte Photography. Melanie knew exactly what kind of website she wanted, and even provided us with the images and overall layout. This made her site easier than others to build. We then added a variety of Flash animated Galleries to show off her work, and a music system that when loaded, can play throughout the site continuously.

Melanie has some really intersting photography to show off, so I thought we'd plug her website. If you're looking for someone to provide you with amazing photography, Melanie is your photographer. She is available for travel worldwide. Check out her website below for more information and to check out her galleries.

Florida Travel Photographer Melanie Monte

"From Melanie"

My work is focused mainly around travel photography, but my branches can go in many different directions. Keeping myself immersed in the world, I prefer shooting on location rather than in a studio. My shooting style revolves around travel, architecture, people, nature, animals, on set photography. I also revitalizie images within Photoshop to give new life to photos both old and new.

The backdrops can range from cityscapes to landscapes, and beaches to mountains. Interior shots with a hard brick background or exterior with a part of history attached. My images are geared towards catalogue, advertising, events, film, and other print and web styles. I have a background as an art director for film, and a creative mindset for designs through Photoshop. I have created material for brochures and other advertising materials.

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