Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Windows 7 Cometh

Windows 7 is going to be available to the public starting tomorrow. Before you run out and install it on your favorite business computer, give us a call. There are some checklists that we would love to run you through to be 100% sure that you wont shut your business down for the day. :)

In all seriousness, I think it's going to be a great new version of Windows. The reviews are positive in the press, and i've been running it with some great success for about 2 months on my laptop. Not only is it faster than Vista, it's more stable too.

If your new computer comes with Windows 7, and you need some help getting over the initial learning curve, just give Hughes I.T. a call. And DONT FORGET, if you purchased a computer within the last month, you will most likely be eligable for a free upgrade from Vista to 7, so look for that information from the manufacturer of the computer.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Dave Nevill
Hughes I.T. Solutions Inc.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Windows Desktop Clutter Solved, Thanks to Your Favorite Web Designer!

Hey Gang!

Thanks for stopping back by. I have spent the better part of the last hour or so testing out a really amazing program for people like me. It took my cluttered up desktop and literaly transformed it into a managable and pleasant place to be. All my icons are nicely arranged into groups, and if I dont feel like staring at them, it's just a double click away.

Not wanting to write a whole book about the program however, I decided to take the following from my favorite site for software, So head on over to their site to learn more about this program, and download it for yourself. IT"S FREE :)

The following is courtesy of

If you're losing the battle over your workspace to your desktop icons, a secret weapon is one click away. Fences quickly and easily organizes your icons into separate windows on your desktop, either automatically or manually. Labeling these boxes helps keep programs, photos, files, and Web links together, or you might choose to group by project rather than by file type. Whatever your logic, you'll be able to drag and drop fences (and the shortcuts within them) anywhere on your desktop.

You can furthermore drag and drop shortcuts anywhere, and resize the fence. A scroll bar pops up so you can find your icons in fences that you've resized to be smaller than their contents. In addition to sorting shortcuts, you can cleverly hide them completely by double-tapping the desktop; double-tapping again resurfaces them. Fences helpfully lets you exclude select fences from hiding. Customization tools can change the color scheme or take snapshots of your layout at any time, in case you'd like to switch among them without completely redoing your arrangement.

We just wish that creating a new fence was smoother and took fewer steps, and that you could create rules for certain files types to automatically download into specific fences. Perhaps we'll see that in a future premium version. In the meantime, we recommend Fences to anyone looking for a fast, fresh solution to persistent desktop clutter.

And dont forget, if you need a great website, and you're anywhere in the world, just give us a call.