Friday, June 26, 2009

Website Design Is Our Other Passion

Many of our customers know us at their "computer guys", which is great! Since the start of Hughes I.T. Solutions in 2007, we have also offered Website Design. If you haven't had an opportunity to check out the gallery on our website, I encourage you to take a look. We update the portfolio each time we complete a website, and we've got a few new sites coming soon!
If your business is ready to get serious about promoting online, please give us a call. We've got the experience, talent, and dedication to make your business website a success! We offer everything from Flash Animation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Database Design, and more. Our initial consultation will always be free, and we can come to your home or business 6 days a week.
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Ready for that new server?

We've got a client that is ready to roll on a new server. If it was up to him, he would have had a server delivered next day UPS, and would have wanted to get every bell and whistle possible. While this seemed like a great idea in theory, there were a few tips that I had for him, and for any small business owner who is in his shoes.

TIP 1 - Take an inventory of all the software that you and your employees use in a given day.

This will allow your computer guy to determine what software is compatible with the new server and what isn't. It's a very, VERY important step in the beginning. You may be required to purchase a more up to date program, which can add to the up front cost of the installation. Performing this step will allow you to budget the install.

TIP 2 - Think into the future, three years or more.

Your new server isn't going to be new for long. It's a sad fact of the technology world that we are all aware of. Make sure that the server you order is going to have the performance that you need as your business grows. It may cost you a little extra now, but you wont be complaining that "it's TOO slow" in three years or so.

TIP 3 - What's a domain... ?

There are two ways to setup your new server; Domain and Workgroup. Some versions of Windows Server, like the Small Business Edition, don't give you that choice, so ready CAREFULLY.

A Domain setup allows for tighter security, but every computer in the office MUST be running the business version of Windows XP or Vista for them to connect. This type of setup is a must for a lot of industries that handle sensitive information like doctors offices and businesses that handle credit cards through the computer system (not with a credit card machine).

On the other hand, the Workgroup setup works well in mixed environments, but limits some of the advanced features available on the server. You are given fewer options to truly secure a network environment. If you don't work at Fort Knox, then it's probably not a big deal. Besides, you can always switch to a Domain down the road.
This setup is ideal for a small business who's just getting started but doesn't want to "pull the trigger" on a full setup, saving money and time.

TIP 4 - Expect some downtime.

Not every server installation is as simple as expected. Dont get me wrong, we strive for excellence during every setup, with meticulous plans in place a week before we even arrive. Server installations are usually done over a weekend, which prevents users from being interrupted. However, problems do happen, so make sure that your employees know the situation so they can make the most of the downtime if the install bleeds into the week day.

That should do it. If you have any questions about this post, or want to learn more about Servers, please give us a call anytime.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Small Office Networking in Orlando

I've had a number of clients here in Orlando ask me about networking their offices together so people in one branch can share the files to the employees in the other branch. This allows people to all work together as if they were sitting in the same room.

Traditionally, this feature of your network was expensive to implement and the requirements for your Internet connection almost always made it very difficulty because of the speed of the connection.

Thankfully, there are a number of solutions from hardware to software. Even more important, Internet Service Providers are now offering services with enough speed without breaking your budget. As Internet Providers go, Bellsouth, Embarq, and Brighthouse are all good choices that can provide your Internet connection for a reasonable fee. Nuvox is another very popular provider of Internet service, but the value just isn't there for a small business. With prices starting around $450/month for Internet, I don't see how any small company can possibly justify it with the alternatives that are available.

If you are a Small Business Owner here in Central Florida area, and want to learn more about how we can help you get your offices, or even your home office talking, talking to your other office, just give us a buzz.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Orange County Convention Center Goes Solar

The Orange County Convention Center, in partnership with OUC—The Reliable One, launch the $8.8 million one-megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) system, the largest rooftop PV system of its kind in the southeastern United States during the Green Cities Conference. This multi-purpose project also features a Climate-Change Education Center (CCEC) inside the Convention Center to promote the many environmental and economic benefits of solar and other renewable-energy technologies. Senator Lee Constantine, Orange County Mayor Richard Crotty, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, OUC Board President Katie Porta and representatives from the Florida Department of Energy and Orange County Environmental Protection will be on hand for the ceremony. Here's a link to the site to read a little more

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Need a cheap computer?

Hughes I.T. Solutions is partnered with a really great used computer and parts warehouse here in Orlando that has EVERYTHING you could need. The shop is called Southeastern Data, and for us geeks, it's like Disney World. They offer a variety of desktops, laptops, and parts for both. They also carry printers, monitors, rare and hard to find items, and much more. On most systems, they even offer an optional 1 year warranty.
If you're looking for a used system to give to your kids, or you just need something cheap that can get online, give us a call. We can go over all the details with you and can even help you shop for the perfect system.

Check out their website for more details and happy shopping!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some Great Free Computer Training Resources

I work with a few clients who are brand new to computers, and they often have alot of questions about some of the basics. I came across a great website today that was EXTREMELY helpful. It offered very simple VIDEO lessons on alot of the topics that new computer users want to know.

Check it out at the link below, and if you have a friend of relative that needs help with their new computer, make sure to send them the link.

Also, dont forget to tell them that you heard about it from Hughes I.T., Orlando's Best Computer Guys / Web Designers