Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Virus Talk : Not About Swine Flu

I often use this blog to talk about computer viruses. The link below is to a story about another common source of computer viruses. This one hits home for everyone, so please have a look.

Basically, if you use Google to search for something, make sure that you read the results carefully. More popular searches for things like celebrity photos, can result in a 1 in 5 chance that you will get a virus/malware infection on your computer.

If you're interested in ways to prevent these kinds of attacks, give us a call. A combination of education and strong security software is a great way to secure any PC.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wireless Printing - It's a piece of cake

If you've been expanding your computer collection at home or at the office, you've probably run into the problem of printing from only one computer. These days, alot of home and office users are looking for an easy way to print from more than one computer to the same printer. Windows has always provided a way to share a printer between computers, but it requires that a computer always be on. It also requires that you have some understanding of Windows Networking, which isnt always as easy as Microsoft would have you believe.

But worry no longer! There are a variety of printers on the market that allow you to print "wirelessly". If you're in the market for a new printer, now is the time to call Hughes I.T. Solutions. We've setup so many wireless printers that it's kind of ridiculous.

Give us a call to learn more about how a wireless printer can make your life easier, and more productive.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

"Bob McVirus" Wants To Be Your Friend On Facebook - Accept?

As if you didn't already have a hard enough time keeping viruses out of your PC, here comes some more bad news. Social websites like Twitter, Facebook, and others are (and have been) a target for viruses makers and identity thieves.

Web sites such as Twitter are becoming increasingly favored by hackers as places to plant malicious software in order to infect computers, according to a new study covering Web application security vulnerabilities.

Social-networking sites were the most commonly targeted vertical market according to a study of hacking episodes in the first half of the year. The study is part of the latest Web Hacking Incidents Database (WHID) report, released on Monday. In 2008, government and law enforcement sites were the most hit vertical.

Social networks are "a target-rich environment if you count the number of users there," said Ryan Barnett, director of application security research for Breach Security, one of the report's sponsors, which also includes the Web Application Security Consortium.

Twitter has been attacked by several worms, and other social-networking platforms such as MySpace and Facebook have also been used to distribute malware. That's often done when an infected computer begins posting links on social-networking sites to other Web sites rigged with malicious software. Users click on the links since they trust their friends who posted the links, not knowing their friend has been hacked.

Click the title of this story to read the whole article at PC

Interested in preventing viruses and malware from making a mess of your business network? Give Hughes I.T. Solutions a call to setup your free evaluation.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Great Resource For Computer Advice and Insight

If you are new to computers, wanted to learn more about them, or know it all but want to stay fresh, the first source should be Leo Laporte. Leo has a variety of shows, podcasts, and websites dedicated to all things technology. I've been watching, listening, and participating for the better part of 10 years or so. The man is a genius at presenting tech in a way that everyone can understand. I highly recommend that you check out his shows on iTunes. Below is a list of a few that you can subscribe to FOR FREE :)

There was a recent video that got up on the Internet with Leo on one of his shows where he dropped some expletives, so if you start watching a video about a Palm Pre, skip that one. This was completely out of character for Leo, and I imagine that the video was kind of embarrassing. Think Christian Bale, just not that bad. The guy he was yelling at is apparently kind of a jerk, so I guess he had it coming.


This Week In Tech (TWIT) is one of several shows that Leo and his crew put on. Each is tailored to a particular group of people.

The Tech Guy is for all those new users out there who want to learn more about the latest in technology. It also features live callers who have everyday questions. This is a GREAT show!

Unfortunately, this show isn't available here in the US, but if you're an intrepid Internet explorer, I'm sure you can find it somewhere :) It went off the air a few years ago, but the topics and questions are still mostly relevant. And of course, in true Leo Laporte fashion, the shows are a lot of fun to watch. Trust Me.

Here's a link to his home page

Enjoy the techy goodness :)

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

New ways to access and use Facebook and Twitter

For a few months now, I've been experimenting with Facebook and Twitter in an effort to drive traffic to the site, build up a fanbase, and just have some fun. I've just found an amazing application that was built with Adobe Air called TweetDeck. It allows you to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts into one simple interface. From here you can post stories, links, photos, and a whole lot more. You can even post a tweet and a Facebook update at the same time.

It's really amazing, and I highly recommend that you check it out, espically if you are looking to manage more than one account.

If you've got questions about promoting your business online, please call us at 407-284-1192 or email to learn more about how we can help!

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