Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fix It Or Replace It?

This is the first thing that I get asked by clients who have older computers with problems. If you computer is getting a little long in the tooth, it may be difficult to choose between fixing it or replacing it.

Hughes I.T. is here to answer this question for you. We take into consideration the original value of the computer, it's age, it's performance up to the time of the problem, what you use it for, etc. Having these answers will give us the ability to present you with the best option.

As a general rule of thumb, if the computer is more than 5 years old, we would recommend an upgrade, budget willing. If the computer is 3-5 years old, and the repair isnt more than the value of the computer, then we usually say fix it. If the computer is less than 3 years old, we almost always say fix it.

If you are currently in this situation, and need advice, please call us today!

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