Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Ways To Avoid Viruses

With online security concerns on the minds of a lot of our customers, I thought it would be helpful to talk about a few things that we can do to help keep viruses and spy ware off your computers.

1) Think about your anti-virus protection. We often find that our new customers are using out of date, or expired antivirus programs. If you think your software is out of date, give us a call to explore your options. We offer AVG Internet Security, which is a great combination of security and performance. Unlike McAfee and Norton, AVG Internet Security provides the protection you need without the drain in computer speed that these other security programs are plagued by.

2) DON'T CLICK SO FAST - This is the biggest problem recently, and it's struck a wide range of customers. When you perform a Google search , or Yahoo, MSN, whatever, you need to very carefully read the results. If you don't think the information beneath the website name is relevant, DON'T CLICK ON IT. This has been the cause of the last 6 computers that we worked on, and it seems to be getting worse.

3) If you have young kids, try your best to talk to them about the cause of viruses and how to avoid them. There are tons of websites out there that can give you a very simple explanation on what causes viruses and how to avoid them. Study up, and then make sure that everyone knows what you learned.

Here's a link to a site with some good info. Not all of it will apply, but it's a good start. :)

Your average virus removal usually takes 2-3 hours to fix, and almost always results in the computer needing to be reformatted. You wont lose any personal information from the computer, but it will take some time to get re-adjusted. And if the virus was able to capture any information (which you wouldn't really know), it wouldn't be a bad idea to change your passwords for things like bank accounts, etc.

Give us a call anytime to learn more about what we can do to help keep you virus free :)

Thanks as always,

Dave Nevill
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